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"Time is precious, let me create more time for you, Virtually."

Welcome to my Virtual Assistant Services Website.

Firstly let me introduce you to the world of "Virtual Assisting." A Virtual Assistant is a business owner who provides a professional, administrative service to clients, working from their own home/office. Clients are often independent entrepreneurs, consultants or small businesses. A VA works on a contractual basis with clients, often on a long term assocation and will have a number of years experience working at a senior level within an organisation.

I spent a number of years working for Global Corporate Organisations as an Executive Personal Assistant, and I'd like to share my expertise and knowledge with you as your very own Virtual Assistant.

I'm a great believer in making life as easy as possible for those around me. You may find yourself spending more time than you'd like on administrative tasks, taking you away from the more important day to day running of your successful business and your family.

I'm sure you will agree this is not good use of your time or energy, so I'm hoping you will let me take your stresses and strains away by doing what I do best, Virtually Assisting!

Please take a look around the rest of my website for further information on how I can assist you, and contact me if you have any further questions.

I look forward to working with you soon.